Call Committee Accepts Nominations

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As the Ministry Site Profile  nears completion, nominations will be invited from members of the congregation. Nominees for the position of Pastor must be on the clergy roster of the ELCA or eligible full communion partner denominations. Those include the Presbyterian Church (USA), Reformed Church in America, United Church of Christ, The Episcopal Church, The Moravian Church, and United Methodist Church. Nomination forms will be offered to the congregation for this purpose, or members can provide names to the committee in writing, accompanied by as much information as possible, so as to aid the synod office in identifying the nominees. Nominees are not to be contacted by either the call committee or by the individual making the nomination. Rather, the synod office will determine if nominees in question are open and available for call. Receiving a nomination does not guarantee that the candidate will be presented to the Call Committee. Other factors of congregational fit and suitability are considered by the synod staff.


There are literally thousands of pastors in the ELCA and there is no way the Synod can know all of them and whether they might be the perfect candidate for ORLC.  But you know this congregation.  You know a good sermon when you hear one.  If you are traveling these days and you have an opportunity to worship at an ELCA congregation either on line, or in person, and you hear or see a pastor that you think would be the perfect fit for us, why not scribble down some notes on what impressed you about the person, and let the Call Committee know?  Forms for submitting a nomination are available by the church office, as well as the church website.


Thank you for your continued prayers for the Call Committee as we learn, grow, work, and pray together through this call process.


Click here for the link to the nomination form

By Jason Callon News