A church with such a long history (500+ years as Lutherans and 2000-ish years as Christians) can be quite intimidating for newcomers. Even for long-time Lutherans, all the symbols, traditions, parts of worship, and history can be overwhelming. In this section, we offer resources for better understanding our church and faith.

Liturgy, which literally means the work of the people, is a formula for our worship. It is as old as Christianity, being shaped and revised over the years, often through councils of church doctors and leaders. Every Sunday, the prayers spoken, the words sung, and the order of worship are undertaken across the globe, not just by Lutherans, but very similarly by Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Orthodox sects, and many others. The words, melodies, and timing of things may have slight variations and doctrinal differences, but remain mostly the same in essentials. Liturgy is an opportunity for every member of Christ’s body to participate in worship, not as outside viewers, but as an integral part of that body.

Parts of the Liturgy