Council Updates the ORLC COVID-19 Plan

In an ongoing effort to respond to current conditions, make wise decisions on behalf of the congregation, and because as Christ’s people we are called to love our neighbor, at the August 17 meeting of the Council the following was proposed and passed:
It is moved that ORLC follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines regarding Covid recommendations.
The current recommendations from the CDC are that if you live in an area of substantial or high transmission (Lewis and Clark County is currently an area of HIGH transmission), both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should wear masks when indoors.
The way this will impact our life together is that as of Sunday, August 22, we ask that masks be worn in worship and at all meetings and activities held in the ORLC building, and that when possible a six-foot distance be maintained between those not living in the same household. We will also be discontinuing food and coffee fellowship for the time being since that encourages the removal of masks.
In making this decision, Council was advised by members of the congregation who are medical and public health professionals, consulted with the Lewis and Clark County Public Health Department, and checked to see what policy was in place at other similar congregations in Helena. There was lengthy discussion and a wide variety of opinions, but in the end the decision was made that as Christ’s people we set an example to the world when we stand with the most vulnerable among us, in this case the children who cannot yet get the vaccine and others who due to health issues are at risk from serious complications should they be infected. We also took into consideration the current capacity of local hospitals.
Council and the pastoral staff will be closely monitoring what comes from the CDC and local public health officials, and as the situation changes will be updating the ORLC Covid-19 Plan accordingly. Ongoing updates will be in the weekly Thursday Messenger (e-news) and on the ORLC website. If you have any questions, Jan Martin (Council president), Pastor Kendra and Pastor Trina are available.
By Jason Callon News