By Lori Walter

Mid-week Advent Worship

You Shall Have a Song

God promises, “You shall have a song” (Isaiah30:29). This Advent season, we will explore three songs from Scripture that speak of the promise of God. Our reflections will take place as a part of the music and devotion of Holden Evening Prayer.  Join us at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary for a time of reflection and prayer.

December 6   God’s New Song    Psalm 96

  • What has changed for you or your family in the last year?
  • How or when have God’s love and power been made new for you as you’ve experienced these changes?
  • Who in your family, neighborhood or worshiping community needs to hear God’s song of saving grace this Advent. When and where will you sing it?

December 13   Mary’s Song   Luke 1:46-55

  • What gives you joy?
  • When and where and with whom do you experience true joy?
  • What does it mean for you to call God your Savior? How do you define salvation?

December 20   Servant Song    Philippians 2:5-8

  • Think about someone who voluntarily left behind privilege or status. How rare is this in your world?
  • How does the divine descent of God in Jesus Christ redefine God for you?


By Jason Callon

Joy to the World!

As we enter into the Advent season, we eagerly await the eternal kingdom to come. 2018’s Lessons & Carols for Advent was a huge success. Thank you to everyone for making it possible! We had over 200 turn out, as well as a choir, chamber brass and string sections, piano, organ, percussion, bell choir, soloists, rejoice band, youth band, and liturgical dancers from Allegro School of Dance. If you missed it, here is Joy to the World:


By edgeAdmin

Engage Your Faith – Serve!

Is faith a noun or a verb?  If faith is a noun it is about what we must believe in. Think creeds, statements about faith and the like.  If faith is a noun however, it is about how we live out and practice what we hold to be true.  It is important that we see faith in both ways.  How we live out our faith, how we engage in a life of faith is important.  Here at Our Redeemer’s you will find a community of believers who seek to do just that.  

Here are four ways that help us to engage our faith.


Prayer is as simple as a conversation with a friend. We believe that God hears all prayer. God is eager to hear the yearnings of our heart. When we do not know how to pray, it is as easy as, “Dear God, listen to what is on my heart…”. The important thing is to know that God hears us whether we know how to pray or not.

Here at Our Redeemer’s we pray all the time.  In every worship service you will hear us pray for all sorts of things.  During worship there is a prayer team that is ready to pray with you personally.  Our prayer ministry also includes a prayer chain.  There are dozens of people who pray daily for those who are in need.  If you would like the prayer chain to pray for you you may send your prayer requests to [email protected] If you would like a pastor to pray with you you may contact either Pastor Arne or Pastor Kendra through their email.

Reading God’s Word

The Bible is a big book! Where do you start?  There are a lot of ways to spend time in God’s word.  Here at Our Redeemer’s we have a number of opportunities to study the Bible. A good place to look for help in how to read the Bible is;

Spend time with believers

Attending worship, participating in fellowship or faith formation groups, helping with service projects are some of the ways that you can learn and grow along with the other believers here at Our Redeemer’s

God’s work our Hands

Throughouy the year there are many opportunities to engage your faith through service to others.  Every week we send people to create kid packs for Helena Food Share and serve meals at God’s Love.  These are just two of many opportunities we will find here at Our Redeemer’s