Worship On Wednesdays 

Worship on Wednesdays or W.O.W. is a worship service designed with youth in mind. It combines worship music led by the rocking awesome high-school WOW band, crazy skits, sermons focused on Jesus and Christian basics, prayers, and Holy Communion with over 200 people joining in worshiping and learning about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Come and see what the Spirit is doing here!

WOW! starts off each Wednesday evening with a dynamic worship service with music led by high school students.  The lessons during worship address everyday life questions like “how do I live in dangerous times?” “what’s important in my life?” and “do I want too much?” through classic Christian texts like the Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments.  Immediately following worship the students split into small groups led by faith-filled adults where the teachings come to life.

WOW Schedule

5:45 pm – Family Meal
6:30 pm – WOW Worship
7:15pm – Small Groups for Middle School students
8:00pm – Departure

For more information on WOW and participating in this dynamic ministry, contact Pastor Kendra Wilde (442.7842 or e-mail).

Download the 2015-2016 WOW Manual

WOW Manual