Vision Trip to Tanzania

You are invited to share in this incredible journey to Tanzania! These trips are a tremendous opportunity to share the Christian faith with people whose lives are very different from our own, particularly in terms of material resources. In many respects, the hardships they face give a depth to their faith and spirituality to their lives that is inspiring. They welcome us to share what little they have with a spirit of hospitality that is both unfamiliar to most of us and simply astonishing for those open to receiving it.

These trips flows from the relationship we share as brothers and sisters in Christ with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

The trips include visits to ministry sites, villages and a safari to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. How can you learn more about this trip?  Please contact the church office for information on future vision trips (406.442.7842 or e-mail).

Read Jaylen Tintinger’s reflections from the February 2013 Vision Trip.

Life and faith both depend on exchange.
Oxygen refreshes our bodies and then becomes carbon dioxide
that nourishes plants and trees.
And encounters between God’s people around the world
enrich our faith and strengthen our ability to engage in God’s mission.

Trip Participants

2013 Vision Trip Participants