Our Redeemer’s Preschool Team

Preschool Staff

Wendy Vukonich

Wendy Vukonich

WENDY VUKONICH Preschool Teacher

Wendy serves as the Pre-Kindergarten teacher. She gives the older children in the preschool an opportunity to experience the joy of having learning success in a Christian environment. Wendy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Montana State University.  She has been teaching Kindergarten and Preschool for over 20 years in California and Montana. It is a delight for her when the children understand the A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s that are taught to them. However, the greatest thrills are when she knows God is smiling on her students as they show that they can walk the talk of Jesus, naturally give of themselves, and show love, kindness, and respect to others. E-mail Wendy

Mary Robertson

MARY ROBERTSON Co-Director & Preschool Teacher

Mary teaches the 4 year-old classes.  Each day at preschool students are provided opportunities to experience growth in cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual areas. We learn through play, all in a warm and inviting, Christian setting. Mary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Studies from Montana State University-Billings, and has worked in educational settings ranging from preschool to middle school. She is excited to see what God has planned for the children at Our Redeemer’s and looks forward to using our new facility as an instrument to share God’s love. E-mail Mary

Audra Shropshire

AUDRA SHROPSHIRE Preschool Teacher
Audra teaches preschool. Each day she has the privilege of watching her students become life long learners who love to explore and play together. Audra holds a bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Geography from the University Of Wisconsin.  She has a Masters in Educational Administration from Loyola University in Chicago.   She has taught many grades from preschool to 8th grade.  She loves teaching preschoolers to engage in imaginary play, show love and kindness to others and and connect with the world around them and to God who loves them.   E-mail Audra

Trudy Burke

Trudy Burke[/caption]

TRUDY BURKE Co-Director & Preschool Teacher

As one of Our Redeemer’s Pre-Kindergarten teachers, Trudy has the privilege of working with energetic, enthusiastic 4 and 5 year olds.   Trudy holds degrees in History, Political Science and Elementary Education from the University of Montana and has teaching experience with all early childhood levels from age 3 through second grade.   Her goal as a teacher is to help students develop a strong  foundation of knowledge and skills that they can build on in Kindergarten and beyond.  Her greatest joy comes from watching kids make connections; to the world around them, to other people and to the God who loves them. E-mail Trudy