Houses for Health

A Lutheran-affiliated ministry in Tanzania

For the very poor of Tanzania, poverty leads to bad health, and bad health leads to poverty-a vicious downward spiral. This is particularly true of those living with HIV/AIDS. There is some good news in that at least some of the AIDS sufferers in Tanzania are now able to receive the medicines needed to help keep them alive. However, we are finding that some of these people are living in such substandard housing (even by Tanzanian standards) that their health and even their lives are further threatened. Despite the medicine, it is not easy to survive AIDS, tuberculosis and more if you are wet, cold, and sleeping in the mud or dust.

To address this need the Houses for Health program was established to build very basic but dry and functional homes for specifically targeted individuals: those with severe health problems that are further threatened by their seriously substandard living situation, those who are extremely poor, and especially those whose death would leave behind more orphans.

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church is actively supporting this healthcare ministry in thanks to the generosity of members and friends of our congregation.  Learn about the houses we have supported:

House #1 – Mary Ndosi & Family

House #2 – Lema Family

House #3 – Nkya Family

House #4 – Kiondo Family

Bob Kasworm, who is a Global Mission Associate of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America serving in Tanzania, met with her extended family and community and they agreed to help transport goods (blocks, cement, stones, sand, etc) up to the site (mostly on their heads and shoulders).

Cost for a home is approximately $4,000. When you contribute to Houses for Health, you can count on seeing and hearing about the individuals you are assisting, along with pictures of their new home.

Houses for Health is able to generate meaningful employment by employing 100% local labor and directly injecting cash into the local economy through using 99% local materials. New homes are similar to the house picture below.
More than 50 homes have been completed since 2008 with more currently under construction.

Our Vision Trip travelers always visit the families we support through Houses for Health.

“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these
who are members of my family,* you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Financial contributions for Houses for Health
may be given through

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church
3580 North Benton Avenue
Helena, MT  59602

Make checks payable to “Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church” and note “Houses for Health” in memo line.