Pr. Martin Russell with Amilieli Nkya

Amilieli Nkya with
Pr. Martin Russell

House #3 – The Nkya Family

The family of Amilieli Nkya received our third home through the Houses for Health program.

This is a tragic situation. Deep poverty. A tragic environment in which to raise children. The children and his wife are farmed out to relatives.  Amilieli lives alone in the home and he is receiving care through the Machame Lutheran Hospital palliative care program.  The director of the palliative care program, Mr. Muro, is the one who identified Nkya family as desperately needing new housing for the sake of their health.

This home will certainly help with the health needs of the family! This new home also means the reunification of the family!   As Bob Kasworm shared in an e-mail to Our Redeemer’s, Aiminieli seems to be a lower functioning. We are not sure if these mental issues are a more recent development. He and his wife have children who perform well in school.  Their current housing situation was just so bad that they were dispersed within the extended family.


Amilieli Nkya outside
his new home

Aiminieli has been actively helping to build his new home which is wonderful!  He has some sweat equity in the home!   When Pastor Russell visited Amilieli in early September 2013, a neighbor came out to say thank you to Our Redeemer’s for making this home possible.  That was neat and affirming!  She was obviously aware of the desperate needs and extreme poverty of the Nkya family.

The Nkya family moved into their home in October 2013.





The former home of
the Nkya family


Amieli Nkya with Bob Kasworm (Houses for Health coordination), construction workers building his home, and Mr. Muro of the palliative care program at Machame Lutheran Hospital.