Members of Our Redeemer’s visiting with the Lema family. Their former is to the left and their new home is under construction to the right.

House #2 – The Lema Family

The recipients of the second home built through the generosity of the Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church family are brothers Elimaringi & Geofrey Lema.

Elimaringi is 36 years old and has children Gloria (11) and Fanueli (8). Geofrey is 38 and unmarried. Their elderly mother also lives with them in the sub village of Lemira Kati, which is part of the greater Machame area on the side of Mt Kilimanjaro.

These brothers have serious health issues. Geofrey is epileptic and had developed some mental dullness from the seizures. His hands are both burned and contracted from falling in the fire during seizures. Elimaringi has a condition initially diagnosed as septic nonfilarial elephantiasis, although this is not confirmed. One look at the pictures tell you that even by African standards, these folks are suffering.  As if that were not enough, Elimaringi was just tested and is HIV positive and likely to start treatment soon for immuno suppression.


Elimaringi outside of the lean-to where he lives on the side of the family’s former home.


Elimaringi’s feet – He has a condition initially diagnosed as septic nonfilarial elephantiasis


Geofrey whose his hands have been severely from falling into fires when have seizures.